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Medicare Set-Aside Allocation or Rebuttal:

Life care Plan Critiques:

Overfunding of a MSA does not benefit the client, the Plaintiff, or the Defense firm and can actually hinder settlement negotiations. Contact us for the preparation of Medicare Set-Aside Allocations for Workers' Compensation Claims or liability claims. We can also provide Medicare Set-Aside Allocation Critiques and expert testimony.



Contact us to identify if medical fees are usual, customary, and reasonable for the associated  injury/illness and the geographical area.

Life Care Plan Critiques are typically a "second review" of projected future care needs and their associated costs for rebuttal purposes. Contact us to request our CV and fee schedule for Life Care Plan Critiques.

Do you need usual and customary fees for a specific test, procedure, or surgery reviewed for mediation purposes? Contact us!

​​​​Life Care Plan Expert Witness Services:

Medical Cost Projections:

Life Care Plans are developed to identify future care needs and their associated costs for a client with a catastrophic injury or illness, such as spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, traumatic and hypoxic brain injuries, birth injuries, burns, etc. A Life Care Plan identifies goals that are restorative, supportive, and promote health care in a holistic perspective.

Misty Coffman, RN, CLNC, MSCC, NLCP is our lead expert Life Care Planner. Her experience as a Director of Nursing in a 193 bed nursing/rehabilitation facility, acute inpatient nursing, and director/case manager for an occupational health clinic uniquely qualify her to be  a tremendous asset on any case. Contact us to request her CV and fee schedule.

Medical Bill Reviews: